Staging services help sell homes up to 30x faster than non-staged homes.


Staging helps increase the sale price by up to 20% on average according to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals.

Professionally staged houses not only sell faster, but also at a higher asking price than originally listed. They also decrese the chances of having to lower your asking price and when buyers see a clean, staged home, they are able to visualize a future for themselves much easier than if they were to see a home that is empty or cluttered with another person’s belongings.

Having a home staged also decreases the sellers stress of preparing the house for potential buyers during the selling process.

Heart & Home Staging and Design

Selling a house is like putting on a show, so with the help of Heart & Home Staging & Design, your home will be ready for the photos and potential clients that walk through the door.

We give potential buyers a vision of this house as their future home by making your home open, fresh, and inviting to potential buyers.

To sell faster and at a higher asking price, we want potential buyers to have an easy time feeling at home before they’ve even walked through the front door.

What We Do

We empasize what the home itself has to offer by looking at your current landscaping, interior and exterior paint, curb appeal, cleanliness, floors, walls, ceilings, porches and patios, depersonalization, and finishing touches.

During our assesment of the current state of the home, we find what is currently working for and against the house for potential buyers.

With that being said, we bring pieces into each room that highlight it’s key features, giving buyers a better understanding of what each room could hold for their own belongings and assist in improvements to help sell the home faster and at a higher asking price than normal.

We also provide furnishings to help complete the home or upgrade and declutter the home for potential future buyers to picture themselves in their future new home.


Our services cost less than the first price drop after a house has been sitting on the market longer than expected. 

If you use a realtor, we want them to be involved throughout the entire process because we value their opinion. They have your best interests in mind, and we do as well!

We recommend calling us before you put your house on the market or have photos taken. Why?

  • Draw in more eager buyers as soon as you list
  • Give your first potential buyers a vision of their future in the home, online or in person.
  • Increase your chance of a faster and smoother sale
  • Decrease possibility of lowering your asking price

The Audition

Starting at $50

This is a $50 consultation for an hour of evaluation and suggestions. If you hire Heart & Home for our staging services, the $50 is automatically applied to your service fee and a written service report is left with the homeowner.

Setting the Stage

Starting at $200

This is for instances of an occupied home. The designer will use the homeowner’s belongings and rearrange, declutter, make suggestions, and enhance the home’s positive features to be more appealing to potential buyers. This choice of service is $200.

The Dress Rehearsal

Starting at $400/mo

This service is for our vacant home clients, and it is only a partial staging. Minimal staging and vignettes will be applied to either the living room, kitchen, and most likely one of the bedrooms. The room choices to be staged will be agreed upon with the homeowner or their realtor. This service is $400 per month.

The Show Stopper

Starting at $800/mo
This is our top tier home package based on an average size home on the market (three bedroom, two bath house). The living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the potential office or bonus room space will all be staged. This service is $800 per month. If the home requires additional staging due to its size or price point, an additional $200 per room, per month will be added.

The Encore

To Be Discussed

The Encore is not a staging service, but instead a design consultation. You may be struggling to visualize the layout for your new or old space and can’t quite figure out how to piece things together for a better flow. 

We help piece the room together to create a better flow. Pricing will be discussed at consultation.

Benefits of Staging

” style=”caret-color: rgb(0, 0, 0); color: rgb(0, 0, 0);”>Professionally staged houses sell faster at a higher asking price.
Decrease the chances of having to lower your asking price.

When buyers see a clean, staged home, they are able to visualize a future for themselves much easier than if they were to see a home that is empty or cluttered with another person’s belongings.

Home stagers decrease your stress of preparing the house for potential buyers.

Potential buyers will feel and imagine this as their new home.

We bring rooms to life and give potential buyers a chance to envision themselves in a home they’ve never set foot in.

Occupied Houses
For occupied homes we work with you and your belongings to bring that same welcoming feeling to potential buyers. We work with you to declutter, depersonalize, and rearrange so potential buyers can imagine themselves living in the house.

Unoccupied Houses
Unoccupied houses are transformed so potential buyers can envision a future for themselves in the home.

Empty Houses
For empty houses we bring furniture and decor into the home that amplify what the house itself already has to offer.